LIthuanian Publishers Association

LLA Lithuanian Publishers Association (Lietuvos leidėjų asociacija, LLA) was founded in 1989. At the moment LLA unites 39 active publishing houses as well as non-governmental organizations mostly concentrating on specialised publishing. LLA is a nongovernmental non-profit organisation.
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Natonial Books In Print Catalogue

NKPK The LLA offers services of the National Catalogue of Books in Print and solutions to the NKPK:
• Metadata base following the international standards (in total over 30,000 entries of publications, over 200 publishers, libraries, and distributors);
• Tool for intellectual property protection;
• Copyright catalogue for international publishers;
• Metadata distribution and dissemination platform;
• NKPK public website – information centre for booklovers.
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Apply for Translation

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