Lithuanian Books in Print (NKPK) Rights Catalogue:

  • An online rights catalogue promoting Lithuanian books and authors worldwide.
  • A comprehensive rights database of Lithuanian literary works, publishers and authors;
  • A plat form for foreign publishers, literary agents and translators who are interested in translating and publishing Lithuanian literature.

Rights Catalogue:

  • Represents authors, publishers and rights;
  • Provides all necessary rights information;
  • Supports dissemination of Lithuanian books.

Lithuanian Publishers Association: Lithuanian Publishers Association (Lietuvos leidėjų asociacija, LLA) was founded in 1989. At the moment LLA unites 39 active publishing houses as well as non-governmental organizations mostly concentrating on specialised publishing. LLA is a nongovernmental non-profit organisation.

The main aims of LLA encompass:

  • Protect and represent the interests of its members at the national and international level;
  • Increase the competence of the publishers;
  • Collaborate with the national and EU institutions in preparing legal reglamentations for the publishing sector;
  • Promote reading and creative writing;
  • Initiate scientific research;
  • Organise and promote International Vilnius Book Fair;
  • Organise and promote Lithuanian cultural events;
  • Coordinate, organise and support the participation of Lithuanian publishers in the international book fairs.

Since 2003 LLA has been a full and equal member of the Federation of European Publishers, since 2012 of the National Creative and Cultural Industries Association.