The Big Book of Creatures Kotryna Zylė

The Big Book of Creatures

Published: 2016

ISBN: 9786098120226

Number of pages: 80

Publisher: VšĮ Aukso žuvys

„The Big Book of Creatures” – very funny encyclopaedia for children about Lithuanian mythological creatures. In this book children will find not only the text and illustrations about every creature (we have 26 in Lithuania), but also get some evident that these creatures exist in our times. This book was elected by book art experts as the most beautiful book for children of 2016 in Lithuania.

This is the second book of young artist Kotryna Zylė, where she tells stories for children about Lithuanian mythology. The debut of this author – „Little Giant“ – was elected to the short list of the Best book of 2014 in Lithuania.


VšĮ Aukso žuvys
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